What you want to know about new io6

Siri, which is the voice assistant on the iPhone 4S. With the new operating system io6, he also comes to the third-generation iPad. Apple previously designated the voice service as “beta”.

“There’s Siri for eight months on the market, but now it has learned what” Scott Forstall said at the WWDC keynote. As examples, Apple:

SiriDer iPhone owners can ask questions about basketball results, and Siri answers.
The restaurant recommendations were improved.
Siri even answer complex questions such as “Show me movies with Scarlett Johansson”

What it also works here in Europe, we will see. Even before the keynote Siri offered more opportunities in the U.S. than here.

Mind work also with us would: Siri can now more – namely also launch apps. The iPhone owners no longer has wild dig through the screens and folders, but can start applications on demand. Let’s hope that this is possible not only with Apple’s own applications.

In connection with car manufacturers Apple also wants to offer a button in the car to activate the language assistant.
Apple Maps with 3D buildings

The Maps app previously offered maps of Google. Apple now uses its own service. The screen shots and a video comparison with Google Maps look promising. Satellite images are also integrated. Individual cities are shown in stunning 3D views:

Apple Cards

Apple is thus also in mapping services in competition with Google and Microsoft – and even against the manufacturer of navigation software. Because the app is live instructions for navigation. And may, of course, more than the permitted apps from Nation and Co: running on the screen of the locked iPhone’s. Know how the iPhone maker has caught at Tom-Tom.

Passbook with the iPhone is the ticket

We know electronic tickets and vouchers already sufficient. Apple offers io6 now but to an app that will be a collection point for the tickets. Provider of tickets does not need to be developing more of its own software, but have access to a template.
Mail gets “pull to refresh”

Pull down the news feed to update the news: what is known from many apps is now available in e – finally!

Apple has the mail program on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad donated a VIP function that runs over iCloud.
Telephoning is still

the phone function is still there, of course … Apple has come up with even something new: If a call, new buttons appear. With them, the called party can quickly respond by text message, for example: “I will call back later”. Just press a button.

And who wants to be reminded of a recall can also set up the with a single click. Here, time (“in an hour”) and localized (“when I go home”) memories possible.
Bluetooth Sharing for flexible connections
in the beta version of io6 Bluetooth-sharing was found. Apps can share data over the wireless link. It is hoped that this enables a connection to smart watches. The exact functionality is not yet known.

Also just a guess is that io6 will enable AirPlay Direct connection via Bluetooth.
io6 delivers 200 new features

A total of 200 new features Apple promises io6 – way so many, as it did for iOS 5 This can be quite small changes, but also interesting things like:

Lost an iPhone, an honest finder with the “Lost” mode will be informed how to reach the owner.
In “Single App Mode”, only a single application can be started. Designed for example, for use in schools, so no one can peek …
For autistic people, parts of the user interface are disabled.
Facebook is more integrated in the operating system.
With the cloud function Photostream images can be shared with friends.
Video calling with FaceTime now runs over the mobile network.

iPhone 3GS owners can look forward, not iPad 1 users

On the iPhone 3G can already not even iOS 5 installed. More relieved likely to be the owner of a 3GS: This will run io6th

The iPod touch is supported in its fourth generation. iPad 2 and third generation of course also – only the owner of the first iPads must remain out of the io6-circle outside.
io6: publication in autumn

io6 will appear officially in the fall – a more concrete indication, Apple has not yet made. The operating system would appear along with the iPhone 5 on 09/12/2012.


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